A rather small continent, about one-third the size of Beloth, it is unclear what has happened in Gamesh. Origionally Gamesh was a Powerhouse and the terror of Beloth. Far before Ebbonworth, Guildscrest, and Hillside came to in Beloth, Beloth was a large nation of essentially nomads.

This is not to say that they were technologically inferior (just the opposite was true, Beloth was far more advanced) but no settlements could survive the ravageing barbarion hordes of Gamesh.

If it was not for an anchient arcane sect in Beloth all would be in ruin. A magicall weapon was developed that was unleashed en mass upon Gamesh. After seeing its effect on the continent of gamesh the sect, and the weapon disappeared all together.

Now gamesh is a very estranged land. Right next to a lucious forest you might find a barren desert. The weapon has caused untold damage to the balance of nature within Gamesh.

There is really only one nation in Gamesh and that would be Harkonia.


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